I am well insured, and I know my rights very well?

Mr. Marek thought the same way and relied only on the employer’s insurance and in the end returned to Poland with CHF 50,000 debts.
Mr. Miguel, on the other hand, did not know that money could be demanded when his temporary employment agency asked him to wait at home after 14 days of work.
And the Swiss Oli, who thought he knew everything about the Swiss insurance and has been putting 1440 francs in the sand for years. Sound familiar?

We will eliminate all your challenges and find the best solution for you.



Insurance Advice
Explanation of current insurances
Termination of contract with immediate effect


Migration law
Employment law
Further Education
Bank loan


Tax Tariff adjustment
Retirement pension (BVG)


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Aleksandra Haak
Executive Director

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Coordinator and Manager

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Sales Manager


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